Codex Beauty stands for exceptionally effective and sustainable skincare.

That’s why they created The Beauty Code, setting entirely new industry standards to prove we are serious about data-driven, overachieving skincare.

Their collections are high performers — verified by published clinical data and customer satisfaction. They uphold pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing processes, a patented preservation system that is technically edible, and complete supply chain quality control that translates into knowing where every ingredient comes from.

Codex have traveled our treasured planet and consulted with ethnobotanists to unlock the healing properties of local plants, and create state-of-the-art, functional cosmetic complexes. They sustainably wild harvest and source organic unique ingredients and look to biotechnology and up-cycled materials for the rest. 

Their skincare is packaged in tubes made from renewable sugar cane that have a negative carbon footprint and are easily recyclable. 

Make your skin look its best, knowing the planet is better for it too.

The Beauty Code

Proven Efficacy - We conduct clinical tests and publish the data to prove how our products perform. You’ll see real results in your skin.

Uncompromising Sustainability - We minimize the environmental impact of every aspect of our operation. Our product tubes are carbon-reducing polyethylene from renewable sugar cane and our cartons are PEFC-certified. Everything is fully recyclable. We’ve minimized our carbon footprint in shipping and distribution, too.

International Compliance - Every country has their own cosmetics laws. We comply with those regulations and register with governmental health authorities wherever we are sold.

Patented Formulations - Our technology complexes are not only patented, they’re disruptive. Whether it’s plant-based hydration (Bia Complex™) or our food-grade preservation system (PreservX™) we innovate formulas that take skincare to a whole new level.

Controlled Supply Chain - We know what’s in every tube, literally. We control the complete supply chain — from sustainable wild harvesting through pharma-grade clean processes and our airless packaging — to achieve the highest quality possible.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Manufacturing - We apply current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to our production process to create consistent high quality and performance as well as prevent contamination.